The terms of services are legitimate from August 1st, 2016 and as of this date every single past assentation identifying with Bil Paid are void. The present costs and estimating structure might be changed whenever with three months pulled out.

Enlistment for Bil Paid empowers the customer's online store to acknowledge payments over the Internet. Bil Paid gets endorsement from the individual acquirers, utilizing affirmed programming, and all exchanges between Bil Paid and getting banks are scrambled.

Operation and uptime

Bil Paid endeavors to guarantee that payment over the Internet can happen 24 hours a day, lasting through the year, and keeps up the most noteworthy security methods. Bil Paid is required to be PCI ensured whenever.
Bil Paid is not in charge of glitches, but rather will attempt to revise any blunders as fast as could be allowed.
If there should be an occurrence of support/specialized changes, and so on., Bil Paid is qualified for suspend the administration for shorter timeframes.

The Customer's Responsibilities

Singular retailers are in charge of the product in their online stores, guaranteeing payment exchanges can be made through Bil Paid. Bil Paid acknowledges no responsibility for the modules, which are made accessible for nothing out of pocket.

Every retailer is in charge of guaranteeing that payment exchanges agree to pertinent laws including the principles and rules set down in payment card enactment, enrollment controls, and purchaser insurance.

The individual retailer must make concurrences with acquirers on the utilization of payment card contexts, and Bil Paid is not in charge of the value setting from the acquirers. The acquirer assertions between the retailer and the acquirer are solely understandings between these two gatherings. Bil Paid is not a meeting to acquirer expectation.

The retailer is committed to consent to the principles and rules stipulated by Bil Paid and is committed to give notice of any inconsistencies in operation, including any frameworks suspected to host been traded off by a third get-together.

Bil Paid won't be held at risk for misfortunes endured by the customer ought to other individuals access the customer's secret password, login data, and so on., or if any customers require discount of payments made over the web, paying little respect to complaints the card holder/customer may make.

A retailer may not make any cases against Bil Paid because of intrusion of administration, paying little respect to the cause.


Bil Paid is entitled, without earlier notice, to dole out its commitments under these General Conditions to an outsider.

Bil Paid claims all rights to the product utilized by Bil Paid for exchanges under these General Conditions, and both sides must keep up total privacy with respect to data concerning the other and/or outsider, which they might know about.

The customer should just be conceded a restricted, non-elite right to utilize the administration Bil Paid gives.

The customer's entitlement to utilize the code gave and different materials are liable to the opportune payment of any sums due to Bil Paid.

Infringement of these terms is viewed as a material break of understanding.

Bil Paid has the privilege, amid the agreement time frame, to utilize the customer's exchange names for reference, incorporating into promoting material. The customer may give Bil Paid directions for such utilize. On the off chance that the customer explicitly questions his subtle elements being utilized for reference, Bil Paid will be committed to maintain the customer's desires.

Initiation and end of the agreement

The agreement between Bil Paid and the customer is taking effect right now after subscribing, and will stay dynamic until ended by either party.

The agreement might be ended by either party toward the end of consistently. Thus, it is settled for a greatest of 1 month.

In case of a material damage either party might be qualified for end the agreement.

In case of any rupture of these General Conditions, especially including relevant laws and legislative controls, Bil Paid is qualified for cease the retailers association quickly.


In case of a question between Bil Paid and the retailer, it is concurred that British law applies and all matters will be submitted to the Maritime and Commercial Court in Yorkshire, United Kingdom.